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Nowadays, those people that are looking for the best zipper work shoes face a lot of issues, such as:

  • Most work shoes with laces are really inconvenient to put on and take off which becomes really inconvenient for workers of some industries (i.e. law enforcement)
  • Most zipper work shoes don’t hold the proper fit over time which makes the boots feel loose and uncomfortable
  • Most workers nowadays have to stand on their feet for long hours without pauses which puts tremendous stress in their joints and, sadly, the majority of zipper shoes do not have the required comfort features to deal with this issue
  • It is very difficult to find zipper shoes with enough traction to let workers walk on difficult surfaces without the fear of slipping, falling and injuring themselves
  • Workers usually have to deal with the fear that heavy objects that are lying around their worksite all the time might fall and crush their toes
  • Working while exposed to the elements (i.e. hot, cold, rain, etc) is another big issue and most zipper shoes don’t have the attributes necessary to maintain your feet warm, fresh and dry under these conditions

These issues require zipper work shoes to bring together specific attributes that are difficult to find in one pair, as most often they are dispersed through many pairs of zipper shoes.

Well, the good news is that this article is my attempt to give you a swift and valuable list of zipper shoes that solve all these issues perfectly.

List Of The Best Work Shoes

As explained, only a few pairs of zipper work shoes have the necessary features to solve the problems discussed earlier.

The following zipper work shoes gather all the required attributes to work out those issues and were personally selected and tested by me.

1) Bates Men’s Gx-8 8″ Ultra-Lites Gtx Work shoes

2) Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8″ Tactical Sport Work Shoes

3) Thorogood Men’s 8” Side-Zip Jump Boot Gen-Flex Work Shoes

4) Ariat Men’s Overdrive Xtr 8″ Steel Toe Work Shoes

5) Maelstrom Men’s Tactical Force Military Work Shoes

1) Bates Men’s Gx-8 8″ Ultra-Lites Gtx Work Shoes


When getting the best zipper work shoes you must have the guarantee that the shoes will perform great in terms of the cushioning and support they provide.

In that sense, these Bater GX-8 Ultra-Lite GTX work shoes performed almost perfectly as they came with removable inserts that, thanks to their superior cushioning, gave me the added comfort I needed to turn a “functional” work shoes, such is the case with the zipper shoes, to a really comfortable shoes.

Convenience is essential. Especially when getting your next pair of zipper work shoes.

This is why I loved these shoes’ nylon side zippers that were not only great for making my life easier when putting on and taking off the shoes but also were durable enough to save me some future headaches as these zippers would never fail.

To top things off, these Bates work shoes came with other great and innovative features such as their moisture-wicking GORE-TEX linings that were breathable, thus, maintaining my feet dry and smelling fresh even on hot and humid days where I had to be all day outside.

Best Zipper Work Boots 1) Bates Men


I usually use my zipper work shoes to walk on some really sketchy surfaces, which is why I always look for some attributes that will give me the best traction possible.

And let me tell you, these Bate zipper work shoes really convinced me, as they came with some surprising features, such as their slip-resistant rubber outsoles that gave me almost perfect traction on any slippery surface I had to walk on while testing these shoes..

I’m used to using my zipper work shoes on under the rain which is a hassle because my feet are always getting wet.

This is why I really appreciated the fact that the guys at Bates added features such as a waterproof leather which was successful in keeping my feet completely dry when working under the rain or when stepping into water (when is annoyingly frequent where I live).

Features and Specifications

  • Waterproof Leather And Non-Puncture Nylon Upper
  • Moisture Wicking Gore-Tex&Reg; Lining To Keep Your Feet Cool And Dry
  • Nylon Side Zipper For Easy On And Off
  • Cushioned Removable Insert For Added Comfort
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole For Traction

2) Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8″ Tactical Sport Work Shoes


Footbeds are a key feature for zipper work shoes.

This is why I give a lot of value to the fact that these Bater Ultra Lites work shoes came with EVA footbeds that gave me the cushioning necessary to walk on uneven without suffering any type of pain.

Well, if you’re going to get the best zipper work shoes you may as well get shoes with great zippers, huh?

In that sense, these Bater work shoes came with side zippers with velcro closures at the top of the collars which were not only highly durable but also really convenient for easily securing the shoes.

To make things even more comfortable and convenient, these work shoes came with fiberglass shanks that gave me great arch support and the stability necessary to let me walk on any place without problems.

Best Zipper Work Boots 2) Bates Men


Walking on slippery surfaces is something that 100% of the people looking for the best zipper work shoes do.

This is why I made sure to list work shoes with features such as the oil and slip-resistant outsoles these Bates zipper shoes had as they gave me the traction required to walk on slippery surfaces without the fear of slipping and getting injured.

Features and Specifications

  • High-Top Work Shoe Featuring Lace-Up Vamp And Breathable Lining.
  • Fiberglass Shanks For Arch Support, Maneuverability, And Lateral Stability.
  • Oil And Slip-Resistant Rubber Soles Cemented To The Shoe.
  • Side Zipper For Quick On And Off-And A Velcro Closure At The Top Of The Collar To Secure The Zipper.
  • Built With Quality Leather, 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, Flexible Athletic Construction, And Classic Styling.
  • Lightweight Cement Construction.
  • Removable Cushioned Eva Footbed

3) Thorogood Men’s 8” Side-Zip Jump Shoes Gen-Flex Work Shoes


It’s not all about convenience with zipper work shoes. In fact, I would tell you that, in my case, comfort is more important.

In that sense, these Thorogood Side Zip Jump Zipper work shoes surpassed my expectations as they came with features such as Impact 300 gel heel inserts and single-density PU footbeds which provided me a lot of shock absorption and cushioning for those specific parts of my feet that receive all the pressure when walking on hard or uneven surfaces.

I know I will hate myself if I don’t have the assurance that the quality of the zippers I get is not THE BEST POSSIBLE.

And, in the case of these Thorogood zipper work shoes, this is exactly what happened as they came with YKK zippers with hook and look closure which made my life much easier as these weren’t only heavy-duty, but also extremely convenient for securing the shoes.

Finally, my stability was much improved with these Thorogood side zip work shoes as they came with composite shanks.

Best Zipper Work Boots 3) Thorogood Men’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot Gen-flex Zipper Work Boots


When reviewing zipper work shoes I always want to be sure that the shoes I’m reviewing have the best traction possible to walk on bumpy and slippery surfaces without issues.

In that sense, these Thorogood work shoes did a great job as they came with the so-called Genflex2 dual-density multi-directional outsoles which gave me almost perfect traction thanks to their awesome lug pattern.

Features and Specifications

  • Black 834-6888, Full-Grain Leather/High-Shine Polishable Toe Cap And Heel Counter
  • Removable Single-Density Polyurethane Footbed
  • Composite Shank
  • Genflex2 Dual-Density Rubber Outsole With Multi-Directional Traction Lugs
  • Goodyear Storm Welt Construction
  • Impact 300 Gel Heel Insert
  • Heavy-duty Ykk Zipper With Hook &Amp; Look Closure

4) Ariat Men’s Overdrive Xtr 8″ Steel Toe Work Shoes


Besides the convenience that comes with zipper work shoes, I also focus on getting footwear with other really important comfort features.

On that account, these Ariat Overdrive zipper work shoes did a really good job as they came with EVA midsoles that gave me the comfort necessary to walk comfortably on uneven or hard surfaces thanks to their shock-absorbing features.

Additionally, I really liked the enhanced stability I enjoyed when using these work shoes, as they came with ATS (Advanced torque stability) with composite forked shanks that were essential for substantially improving my stability when walking on uneven surfaces.

Best Zipper Work Boots 4) Ariat Men


I am that type of guy that always wants to feel safe and secure. And, in terms of getting a new pair of zipper work shoes, there is no better way of doing than by getting footwear with proper safety toes.

The good news is that these Ariat work shoes did a really good job as they came with steel safety toes and protective ex guards on toes, heels, and side.

This combination of features gave me the feeling that no matter what could fall into my toe area or what object I could bump into, my toes and feet would remain intact.

Have you ever walked on a slippery surface with a lousy pair of work shoes? Well, I did, and let me tell you: it’s the worst!

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to deal with this type of anxiety when reviewing these zipper work shoes as they came with oil and slip-resistant Duratread outsoles that provided me perfect traction when walking on those slippery or uneven surfaces we are all afraid to walk on.

Finally, the shoes were successful in making me feel even more protected as they came with 8-inch shafts that successfully protected my feet and ankles.

Features and Specifications

  • Shaft Measures Approximately 8″ From Arch
  • Premium Full Grain Leather Foot And Upper
  • Ats Advanced Torque Stability Technology With Composite Forked Shank
  • Round Toe Profile
  • Mesh Lining
  • Oil-And-Slip Resisting Duratread Outsole.
  • Shock Absorbing Eva Midsole
  • Steel Safety Toe Round Toe Protective Ex Guards On Toe, Heel, And Side
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Safety Toe Is Atsm F2413-11 M/I/75 C/75 Eh Rated And As/Nzs 2210.3 Certified

5) Maelstrom Men’s Tactical Force Military Work Shoes


What if I told you I found THE BEST mixture of comfort and convenience features for a pair of work shoes? Would be nice, right?

Well, to be honest, I think that’s exactly what I did with these Maelstrom tactical force work shoes as they came with a combination of YKK zippers with closures and cushioned inserts.

This mixture of features provided me the convenience and shock absorption I always look for in any pair of work shoes.

Additionally, the shoes came with moisture-wicking linings, that kept my feet dry and smelling fresh, and padded collars which gave me an extra layer of comfort and protection.

Best Zipper Work Boots 5) Maelstrom Men


I hate walking on slippery or uneven surfaces without enjoying the best traction possible.

This is why I really appreciated the fact that these work boots came with rubber outsoles that were specifically engineered to provide me the maximum grip possible when walking on slippery or bumpy terrains.

I despise feeling my feet wet after accidentally walking on a wet surface or whatever, this is why I appreciate features such as the iH2O-Tex waterproof membrane these Maelstrom work shoes came with as they protected my feet maintaining them dry when in contact with water or other liquids.

Features and Specifications

  • Polishable Full Grain Leather And Nylon Upper For A Professional Look.>
  • Breathable, Moisture Wicking Lining.
  • Durable Rubber Outsole Engineered For Maximum Grip On Various Terrain.
  • Ykk Heavy Duty Side Zipper With Closure For Fast On And Off.
  • Removable, Shock Absorbent Cushion Insert For All-Day Comfort.>
  • Padded Collar And Tongue For Extra Comfort And Protection.
  • Semi-Rigid Heel And Toe Reinforcement To Retain The Shape Of The Boot.
  • Proprietary Ih2O-Tex Waterproof Membrane Liner To Keep Feet Dry And Comfortable Through Long Shifts And Wet, Nasty Weather.
  • Rugged Rubber Outsole Is Designed With Aggressive Treads To Provide Maximum Traction Helping To Prevent Slippage On Most Surfaces (Not Intended For Slippery Surfaces, Such As Restaurant Industry)

How Did I Test The Best Work Shoes

A lot of people get intrigued by our testing process and how we select the recommended boots. So, for those that are curious, these are the tests I did to select the best work shoes:

Best Zipper Work Boots How Did I Test The Best Zipper Work Boots

Convenience & Comfort Test

First, I made sure to test how quickly the shoes were to put on and take off which is a great way to see if the work shoes being tested were convenient or not.

Second, I made sure to check (after a few months of use) whether the shoes maintained the perfect fit they once provided right after being bought when they were still in an “as-new” condition.

Third, I made sure to see how good my feet felt at the end of the day after working all day long on my feet without rests (which is what I usually do at my job, sadly). I did this to see the support and ergonomic traits the shoes offered.

Protection Test

In terms of protection, I made sure to test the shoes by walking on slippery surfaces to see if the boots had the proper traction features to let me walk without worries during the workday.

Moreover, if the shoes being reviewed had safety toes, I tested the by letting heavy objects fall from safe heights to analyze if the shoes had good quality safety toes or not (I know it seems a bit crazy, but that is exactly what I did).

Finally, when working outdoors (which is what I do most of the time), I made sure to check if the shoes maintained my feet dry, fresh and warm, especially when being in contact with water or when exposed to cold weathers.

Durability Test

Given that most work shoes are made following lousy manufacturing methods, I made sure to check if the shoes’ materials started to get apart after only a few months of use (which is what happened to me with many other work shoes, unfortunately).

What Types Of Safety Toes Should I Use For The Best Work Shoes?

Well, there’s a wide set of options in terms of safety toes for work shoes.

If you need maximum protection, going for steel or alloy safety toes might be the best idea as these are made of tough metals that will successfully isolate your toes from any harm.

However, if you need protection without the risk of getting electrocuted when exposed to electrical stuff (such as live wires) then going for work shoes with composite safety toes might be the best path to take as they do not conduct electricity.

Finally, if you don’t think you need protection for your toes and you prioritize comfort, going for soft toe work shoes might be good for you as you’ll have the guarantee that your work boots will be lightweight and comfortable.

How Do I Take Care Of Work Shoes?

There are two spectrums when taking care of a pair of work shoes. First, there is the maintenance of the zipper itself, and then, the caring of the shpes.

In terms of the work shoes, there are a few key tips that I always recommend to follow:

  • Helping the zip to close with your fingers will prevent it from breaking if it gets stuck at some point
  • Avoid pulling with full force as there is a huge chance the zipper will give out and break
  • Make sure to take off your boots with the zipper being completely down so you don’t put unnecessary strain on it
  • Maintain the zipper as clean as possible to prevent it from getting stuck

Now, as to the boots themselves, there is a couple of steps you could follow that will give you the peace of mind you’re doing everything possible to maintain them in the best shape possible:

  • Clean them with a humid wipe cloth as many times as you deem correct. Make sure all the dust and dirt is removed from the boots
  • Apply a leather conditioner generously
  • Lightly remove excess conditioner with a clean cloth and let the boots dry in a warm and dry environment
  • When a couple of hours pass, give the boots a quick buff with a soft cloth. Done, the boots will look as-new again!

Make sure to repeat this process every few months or when you see the zipper work boots are losing their “essence”.

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