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When we covered the best online shops for men, we were essentially doing a kind of survey of the online equivalent to the boutique menswear shop. An online ancillary to an already vibrant and previously exclusive brick and mortar industry. When it comes to doing a roundup of some of the best sneaker blogs for men however, there is a totally different dynamic to consider.

While it is undeniable that sneaker culture has been around (or even thrived) longer than the internet, it is nearly impossible to think of it separately from the modern media and social media outlets. For a long time sneaker enthusiasts used email and chatrooms to talk about new releases, industry gossip, and facilitate trades and purchases, but in the late 1990s that all changed with a small forum called Nike Talk. Since then, hundreds of websites were born. Some simply copied others, while others forged new paths and took different angles on covering the latest shoe releases and the community around it. Far from just survey the market – these brands totally changed the way that sneakers were conceived, marketed, and sold. We’re far from the biggest sneakerheads out there, but we have a real love of and appreciation for both the shoes, and the websites and blogs that helped shape and change this industry.

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Drop Date

One downside to the richness and variety in the sneaker world is the fact that it can be nearly impossible to track what drops when, and from who, and how the hell you can get your hands on it. Well, thanks to Drop Date, you don’t have to worry so much.

EU Kicks

The EU and U.S. represent two very different markets and are made up of slightly different tastes. As result, shoe makers drop different colorways and silhouettes in different markets. For those who want to keep tabs on what is going on on the other side of the pond, there are few better places than to do it than here.

Gunna A Bathing Ape Bape Sta Low Release Date Info


Highsnobiety, like a few other prominent street wear websites out there, have one foot firmly planted in the sneaker world, with the other pivoting to cover the broader culture that orbits it. They’ve grown quickly from a small player in the space to something of a behemoth – with their own print publication and two locations – their headquarters in NYC and another location in Berlin, they’re just as dynamic as the industry and movements they cover.

Lucy & Yak Shoes Kickers Lennon Hi Boots in Black


If you had to point to any one website that has done the most in terms of expanding and pushing the boundaries of streetwear and sneaker culture – it would have to be Hypebeast. The site has spawned more copycats than we care to count – almost all of which tried and failed to imitate their discerning taste and approach and style of coverage. Rarely did they ever exceed – primarily due to the fact that almost no one has better contacts in the sneaker industry than the publication.

Kicks Deals

With all the hype comes some serious asking prices. For those who love the kicks but don’t want to go broke buying them up – this site is a great go-to. As the name suggests, they keep tabs on great deals for enviable sneakers and apparel.

Kicks On Fire

Another old school leader in the space, kicks on fire does a great job getting exclusive access on upcoming shoes, doing in-depth reviews, and providing really stunning one of a kind photography of the shoes they end up getting their hands on. A must read for sure.

Sneakers Kickers - Home | Facebook

Modern Notoriety

Usually when you see blogs in this space, they end up betting on pumping out quantity. More posts for regular readers to go through. This usually comes at a cost- whether it be accuracy or just a lack of insight. Modern Noteriety has been able to strike a real balance between breaking stories and providing striking imagery on all variety of sneaker brands you need to know for readers at a regular pace.

Nice Kicks

This site was among the first – if not the first – to have gone from sneaker blog to a really big player in the scene. They boast regular exclusives, consistently solid reviews, and some of the best video content in the entire industry.

Lucy & Yak Shoes Kickers Lennon Hi Boots in Black

Nike Blog

It is a testament to the health of the sneaker industry that there can be multiple blogs that simply cover one brand and its releases. The best among them when it comes to the sportswear behemoth from the rainy and cold PNW? Nike Blog. A long standing quality site that is always all over the newest releases and secs on upcoming kicks..

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